Employee Retention and Engagement Surveys

Retention Surveys, or Stay Interviews, occur on a regular basis, usually annually,  and uncover what keeps an employee at a company, what they would most like to change, the opportunities they would like to see and where things can improve. Unlike an Exit Interview, a Retention and Engagement Survey focuses on current employees and increases employee retention by receptive action on the data received. It gives an employer a true opportunity to increase job satisfaction with their employees. The results can uncover what opportunities are most important to employees, what is missing and often exposes small changes that can make a huge impact on job satisfaction, leading to higher retention.

These surveys are part of Jigsaw Solutions’s strategy to help clients create an open environment that encourages honest feedback. Jigsaw Solutions follows up over time to make sure that opportunities brought up in the Retention Surveys have been addressed and helps clients implement the changes that make sense for the business.


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