We help organizations grow by developing leaders from the inside out.

Great leaders attract, hire and inspire great people. Leadership Development is one of the most exciting aspects of team building and corporate success in today’s competitive environment. When your employees succeed, your company flourishes.


Improves bottom-line financial performance
Improving bottom-line financial performance comes from uplifting leaders to rise to their highest potential. Companies that invest in developing their leaders show returns five times higher than their competitors who do not.


Builds a supportive corporate culture that attracts and retains top talent
Competition is fierce for talented individuals. Developing and promoting from within saves significant time, money, effort and avoids gaps in hiring new talent. Companies with strong Leadership Development nurture a strong corporate culture which attracts and retains top talent, minimizes gaps in talent and lowers turnover.


Drives the execution of successful, innovating strategies
A strong focus on Leadership Development allows companies, and the individuals that power them, to implement successful strategies and adapt to change.


Adapt to both swift and slower change by increasing the ability to succeed in navigating disruption


Investing in a leadership team, and facilitating the growth of future leaders, empowers strong leaders rise and turn challenges into opportunity in our swiftly changing world; and create connection, alignment, and a common purpose within their teams.


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Kathleen Nelson Troyer, principal of Jigsaw Solutions, has over 15 years of staffing and HR experience with clients including Schwab, Barclays Global Investors, Spirent, and Cloudera.